Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CYBER MONDAY SALES ON ELECTRONICS in Santa Rosa, San Francisco and The Bay Area

CYBER  MONDAY - November 28th, 2016 ...
 Is A Very Good Sale Day For All Your Electronic Desires 

If you have been waiting for Cyber Monday - Wait NO MORE ...  
We Have Some GREAT Deals For Your Review  for Kids, Students, Families, Homes... provides a number of stores in our online MALL for your electronics gift shopping !  From Amazon Sales to FROG Sales, You will find ... Kindles, I-Pads, Remotes, Grasshopper, Phones and Smart Phone Accessories, WiFi, Echo, Echo Dot and Alexas, Computers, Laptops, Microphones, X-Box, Blue Tooths, Business Software and more...


            WALL-MART  X-Box SALE 
             Save $120 on their bundle.

BEST BUY Stores nearest you, offers some amazing deals:  

JC Pennys Online Store States there are of 50,000 items on sale on their Cyber Sale Dates -  November 27th and 28th, 2016.  Get their Coupon and SAVE MORE 

    Save BIG On Warehouse Deals

                            Sewing Machines

                                                                                                                A New Sewing Machine

The Amazing Quad Copter AT GEEK BUYING
$243.99   Greatly Reduced Price                                          Watch Their  VIDEO
Flying3D X8 6 Axis 8 Channels Quadcopter 2.4GHz OSD RC Aircraft FPV Drone RTF With GPS (New version Mode 2)

If you believe that every dollar saved when you purchase ...  is a dollar earned, then you will love all the sales and discounts you will find in the  MALL and from our Blog.  Stay in Touch and join us every Wednesday for Great SALES Announcements.    

Often the items provide free shipping from online sales.  

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