Monday, May 16, 2016

Ideas & TIPS for Graduation Gifts, High School Grads and College Grads in 2016

        This is a very exciting time at high schools and colleges throughout the USA and many countries.

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Graduating from High School and from Colleges and Universities requires a very special gift for the graduate.
While our budget may stretch a little on some of these ideas and tips, there are some very affordable ideas too. Many of these may add to the lives and enjoyment of your graduate.

For Any Age:  Fashions, Watches and Memento Jewelry are always very nice.

Outfit their future college days of a high school grad:
1.  Dorm Room Kits - With Bedspreads, sheets, laundry bag and towels.
2.  Dorm Room Appliances - desk lights, laptop, cell phone & bill paid for a year, campus bookstore gift certificates,
3. Logo items for the campus they plan to attend - key- chains, shirts, tees.
4. Tickets to a special event.
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We do see new cars or trucks and sports equipment given to grads, but the norm is a used vehicle.

Unique Gifts for the College Grad:
1.  If they are not starting a job right away, a trip is often considered  a very nice gift. Even a weekend in a major city with tickets to fun things or sports, is very rewarding.
2. A memento, (collectors item) party, or paid up for a year medical plan, or stock investment.
3. Apartment furnishings.
4. Car Insurance paid for the year.
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