Tuesday, April 19, 2016

10 Ideas For Mother's Day Gifts - Sales in Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Bay Area and Los Angeles to New York City Department Stores & Online Stores

Looking for VALUE as you shop for Mothers Day, While we will tell you who is having great department store sales, we will also let you know, online stores where you can have it shipped directly from stores in the  GiftShopping Sales Mall  .....   And often for no extra charge.

      Ten Great Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

  1. Its soon to be sandal time, give her a gift card to have her toe nails done.
  2. Matching mom and you jewelry piece, a ring, pendant, bracelet or anklet, or toe rings.
  3. Pull photos of the two of you and/or family into a small purse album.
  4. Review APPS to find one that will help her with daily life.
  5. Pack a picnic and take her for a drive in the country or the beach.
  6. Serve brunch or lunch in bed.
  7. Bring her a favorite piece of music or video or music App
  8. Of course flowers and plants are always nice.
  9. Take her to a ball game or sports tickets or performance she likes.
  10. If you are planning to take her out for a brunch or dinner, please make your reservations TODAY !!! This is one of the busiest days of the year in restaurants.
  11. Write her a story about one of your favorite memories of you and she, and/or draw a picture. 

On Sale in Local Department STORES

JC Penny's Mother's Day Discounts on Jewelry, Shoes & Handbags & Clothing

Yes, we said Big Lots - often quite affordable for those on a budget. They have greeting cards & her favorite candy too along with wrapping paper...

Macy's is having a clearance sale on "beautiful jewelry & watches".  60 to 75% off.

Kohl's has fashion jewelry on sale.  Complete her new spring outfit, with just the right earrings, bangle or necklace. 

Costco really digs "Mother's Day" from gardening to purses and jewelry, the latest thing for patio and kitchen.  We love their amazing fresh flowers.

Get your "coupon for 65% off Nordstrom's selected Shoes here.....

Find the Favorite Discount Shopping Mall near you.


We found an amazing 90% off at Pacific Pearls

This is ONE AWESOME Online Store for those who love Designer Items

Fitness and Wearable Technology is BIG on many MOM's Lists.  Scroll down on this page and see what Amazon has to offer.   Great Savings !!!

Trust these TIPs, Ideas & Sales are helpful.   GiftShopping.biz/online-sales

Monday, April 11, 2016

Buying A New TV Remote Control? Compare The Amazon Firestick With Ordinary Remote TV Controls

The Industry is popping with more and more exciting products related to family entertainment and home TV watching.  We see the big screens, HDTV's and television viewing methods are growing in popularity.  Many homes have TVs and computers and Kindles plus smart phones in 3 or more rooms of the house.  Of course, we are always losing the remote.... so if you are replacing one or searching to find details of what's the "better than before product", you may appreciate this information.

                     Yes, Most TV manufacturers produce remotes for their specific television.  

  So why is the Amazon Fire Stick growing in popularity at such a fast rate.
                                 Compare The Various Forms of the Amazon Fire Stick

  1. The Amazon fire stick works with most televisions using a universal adapter.  The best feature is, you can take this with you as you travel.  
  2. There are unique packages for X-box and games with specific Fire Stick purchases
  3. They open the doors to all forms of TV enjoyment
  4.  An all in one package to  stream movies and TV shows in 1080p or 720p. With Dolby Audio, enjoy rich cinematic surround sound, consistent quality via HDMI (up to 7.1).  
  5. Fom the responsive interface to instant search results, everything about Fire TV Stick is fast and fluid. It's all thanks to a dual-core processor with 6x the processing power of Roku Streaming Stick, a dedicated VideoCore4 GPU, and 8 GB of storage—4x that of Chromecast and 32x that of Roku Streaming Stick.

While each of their Fire Stick products is different, (expanding their use), they are the same good quality you will find with Amazon.  The Fire Stick takes it to the next level of TV watching products.  So for practically the same amount of money, you gain much more in viewing pleasure.   Learn all about the Fire Stick on this page.